Haldankar Customs Starlet - RE Electra Modified

Starlet by Haldankar Customs began its trip as a RE Electra and experienced this mellow update battle to get the coveted custom bike feel.

Haldankar Customs Starlet

This time, they avoided those weighty edge modifications and adopted another straightforward strategy for this head turning impact. All aspects of the motorcycle was evacuated for the paint procedure, additionally making things intriguing with its novel shade and airbrush itemizing on the fuel tank.

The fuel tank utilized here is 20 liters while included frill like projector front lamp, LED taillight and back backrest influenced it to look premium over the standard Electra. The front and back bumpers were adjusted with a specific end goal to replace the tire sizes on the two closures.
Haldankar Customs Starlet Price

Cruiser feel was additionally improved with twin seat sacks that are separable and waterproof. The front suspension looses its cover and holds the plate brake from the stock Royal Enfield Electra.

Talked edges on the motorcycle were supplanted with 10×2 composite wheels that are done in Black and studded with Chrome. The front wheel measures 19 inch and conveys 110 mm elastic while the back is 17 inch and wears a wide 140 mm tire on it.

The handlebar is stock while the bar end mirrors set here are round fit as a fiddle. The motorcycle is offered with Chrome leg protect while its motor has been done in Black for the premium feel.

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