EIMOR Customs Donnie Brasco - Modified RE Desert Storm 500cc

Today we are featuring the latest vintage cruiser by EIMOR Customs built on Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 cc. They call it Donnie Brasco.

Through the pictures you can see that they have given it a vintage look very much similar to their previous built "Johnnie" has.

EIMOR Customs have used 4.25x18” big block, MRF Moto C tires both front and back. They give the bike a muscular look and feel. In the rear they have installed a rear disc brake system. The front fender has been beautifully crafted to give it a sleek and slender look. The headlamp casing has been changed to 1950’s style.

The fuel meter is placed on the headlight casing; they have added an ammeter (which does not come in 500cc Enfield) and shifted in a box and placed it where the left tool box comes. The handle bar has not been changed. The mirrors are standard model black mirrors. The taillight and indicators have been tastefully selected.

They have made vintage style tan brown spring style seat. There is also a pillion seat. That existing tank was customized with thigh pads matching the seat upholstery. There is also use of brass at places. There is brass number plate on front mudguard The handlebar end weights are also made of brass and bear the company branding. There is also a brass token holder. We have added an ammunition box which will serve as a first aid box and an utility box. These have been fastened tight with specially made genuine leather belts. The crash bar is a military style butterfly crash guard. There are yellow fog lamps on both sides. The color is a glossy dark Prussian Blue. The wheels and other parts have been tastefully powder coated in matte black. 

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