EIMOR Customs Allura - RE Desert Storm 500 Modified

Today we are featuring another creation by EIMOR Customs. This is Royal Enfield Desert Storm 500 2013 model. They call it Allura.

Their client found it difficult with the height and maneuvering. Before coming to them, in 5 years, the bike has not been rode for more than 5000 kms.

Their client requirement was not only to reduce the height but also to give the bike a rebirth, a new look and feel.

For this they had resorted to 120mm tyres and 16 inch wheels. For balancing out the wheel size reduction they made vintage style big mudguards. Rear Disc system has been installed. The mudguard fitting arrangements had been beautifully crafted.

The stock headlight casing was removed, and they had made a separate housing for the speedometer and the fuel gauge. The ignition has been shifted to the oval box on the right side. They had gone for smaller cycle type headlight with grill. The Taillight and indicators had also been tastefully selected. The new Tank looks beautiful with the sides sliced off. Both the rider seat and the pillion seat has been made into a spring type arrangement.

The backrest with the pillion seat is also in the similar shape as the mudguard stays. The exhaust as well is not a regular one. What attracts the most is the signature Eimor Customs paint job. With the tank standing out in Glossy finish, with Vintage styled Gold Leaf work and the rest of the body in matte jet black, it creates a beautiful combination. There is also a matching helmet with this bike.

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If you like this bike then you can contact to EIMOR Customs through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EIMORCustomsIND/

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