KTM 300 XC-W Street Tracker by Moto Mucci

Moto Mucci's Customised KTM 300 XC-W street tracker showed up on The One Moto Show this year and has kept eyes of the various people on it.

The dirt bike is modified into a modern clean street tracker. They have used aluminium on body and the side intakes which will help air to pass go to out from radiator. The headlight is also noteworthy it has casing built from plastic using additive manufacturing technology. The exhaust pipe is flowing from under the seat and is smaller nose hole.

Still there are things which are missing such as handlebar is just a minimal rod. There is no brake and clutch on it.  But the bike is neatly designed and well executed.

If you like this bike then you can contact Moto Mucci through their instagram handle: http://instagram.com/motomucci 

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