• Maruti Esteem Modified like Sports Car

    Internet is full of modification examples. Some are unique, some are good and some are not so eye pleasing. But each one has its own identity. Yesterday we came across the car which we can't recognise what the stock car is. Just look at pic and comment below what you thought which car it was?
    Maruti Esteem Modified like ferrari

    This car is Maruti Esteem which is uniquely modified as a luxury car. The paint scheme used is yellow which is commonly seen on cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari.

    Maruti Esteem Modified like ferrari

    Body of the car is entirely modified, on front the bonnet is given leaf shape and the headlight got the three lamps in each side. Number plate is now on the left side. There are two doors now to give the sports car look to the sedan. Conventional wheels with black paint for better contrast with the body color. On rear, the glass area got slats. And the tail light is round one on each side inspired by looks of ferrari.

    Here is the Video:

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    1 comment:

    1. Well modidified esteem it's looking good enough , by the way could we know the price of modification of this car.