Elettracker: An E-Broadtracker by GDesign Customs Italy

We present you the "Elettracker" an electric broadtracker designed by Giacomo GDesign Customs, Italy. The idea of picking a part of history and creating greener future inspired the creation of this beautiful electric broadtracker.


We don't have the technical specifications of this special yet, but just observing it satisfies the aesthetic eye.


Most likely it started from the base of an Electic Bike, to then radically modify and create what was needed, in cylinders acting as containers for the batteries that power the central electric motor. Color scheme and designs are so beautiful. All the design credit goes to by Arianna Crippa of Lake Design. The bike has been tested at Vigorelli velodrome in Milan. 


We also got a chance to Interview Giacomo Galbiati the man behind this creation. You can check here

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