Interview with Mr. Navneet Suri from Neev Motorcycles

Hi there, our interview series is getting interesting day by day. We got a chance to have conversation with Mr. Navneet Suri of Neev Motorcycles. Currently his motorcycle concepts and model are taking internet by storm. 

We have interviewed him and here is the questionnaire: 

1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

Answer: I don't own any bike for now and I have never purchased one.

2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike designer?

Answer: When I built my bike gifted to me by my Father. It was Hero Honda Glamour 125. 

3. How many bikes have you build till now?

Answer: Don't have the exact number. Above 40, I guess.

4. Which is your dream bikes?

Answer: Different for every style. Like for superbike I like Hayabusa, for cruiser I like HD Fatboy etc. 

5. What's your point of view on electric bikes?

Answer: I consider them as future. 

6. Who are other people who inspired you for your work?

Answer: Anyone and anything can inspire me if there's something to learn and apply.

7. Whats your new project?

Answer: We are working on Royal Enfields for now. Recently created a concept design "Sultan" and People are loving it. 

Some of His Work

Neev Motorcycles Sultan
Neev Motorcycles Sultan

Neev Motorcycles Boris

Neev Motorcycles torque
Neev Motorcycles Torque

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